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At Body Equilibrium of Charlottesville, we firmly believe that Individuals suffering from pain due to nerve damage often don’t realize this condition can be caused by everyday tasks, versus a single event. Those suffering from insomnia, chronic fatigue syndrome, and digestive disorders also may not realize the cause could be due to a hormone imbalance. The average person is exposed to over 82,000 toxins weekly - through our food, water, and air. This constant bombardment causes serious health conditions, including headaches, migraines, muscle pain, and chronic fatigue.

How We Work

Using a combination of chiropractic treatments, other all natural medicine modalities, and education, we help patients quickly regain strength and balance helping their body’s to heal naturally.

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Insurance Claims

Body Equilibrium will help you work with your insurance company. Patients are responsible for payment of all services rendered on the day of treatment. Not all services are covered by health insurance. Health insurance benefits are between the health insurance company and the patient.

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