Most people assume that a bone just slips out of place, or simply that a nerve is pinched. In reality, you are dealing with a far more complex system that takes time to change. Bones don’t just move on their own. Some sort of stressor, like a movement, a repetitive posture, or even emotional stress causes a nerve to become irritated causing muscles to pull unevenly and out of place. When that muscle(s) is pulled, this causes the joint to become uneven and causing inflammation. Furthermore, the nerve becomes irritated, causing the muscles to pull harder and the bone to move further out of place. This is why it is so important to see a specialist who can realign your body - and allow it to heal and eliminate your pain. If chronic pain and the underlying problem is ignored eventually the bone structure starts to become rigid and arthritic, and the muscles and connective tissue begin to build scar tissue (what people feel as muscle knots) numbing the body to the pain, even though the problem is still there. Chiropractic treatment is a safe and effective way to help get joints moving, put bones back into proper alignment, and produces energy to the brain to allow the body to recover and heal.

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