Detoxification Therapy


We live in a  sea of toxins!  We are frequently exposed to heavy metals, pesticides, GMO foods, skin care products, cleaning products, laundry detergents, etc without really giving it much thought. Studies show that by the time we leave our bathrooms in the morning we have already been exposed to over 200 chemicals!

Chemical toxins are a great concern, but did you know we also have biological toxins? MRSA (an antibiotic-resistant strain of staph infection) kills more people in the US than HIV, AIDS, Emphysema, Parkinson’s and homicides combined. So it's very frightening to know that up to 48% of all meat and poultry tested in US supermarkets have been found to be infected with MRSA. These chemicals and infections get inside of our body and create all kinds of problems. They block nutrients from working, causing your immune system to become confused, causing chronic inflammation and damaging cellular responses.  

Everyone is over-exposed to toxins, but not everyone gets sick. Why? Some people can be exposed to high levels of toxins on a regular basis, but because of genetics, their body may be a good detoxifier, and they have no problem. However, if their body is not a good detoxifier, then even a small amounts may cause them to have a problem. There is a lot of information about detoxification, however detoxification must be done safely and with clinical guidance.

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